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building strengths



Deepika Aggarwal is a passionate and enthusiastic Learning Support Teacher, who has over 18 years of experience in helping children reach their potential.


She empowers and works collaboratively with children, parents and teachers using strength-based approaches and international evidence-based practices. She is holds a Masters of Education in Special and Inclusive Education from the University of Manchester (UK).

Deepika offers her services to parents seeking help for their children, schools and child development centres.


How I Can

Help You

working with children

Deepika specialises in working with children with that have learning difficulties and behavioural problems arising from conditions such as dylexia, ADHD/ADD, ASD, Cerebral Palsy and mild intellectual disabilities.
She fosters numeracy, literacy, executive functioning and organisational skills by using international evidence-based practices, study skills and movement-based teaching & learning approaches.

collaborating with other professionals

Deepika thrives in collaborating and engaging in dialogue with other professionals that are providing services to the child (e.g. healthcare providers, therapists, psychologists, teachers etc) to share:
  • observations and assessments
  • best practices that work for the child
  • the teaching-learning program

working with PARENTS

Deepika conducts ‘Parent Empowerment’ workshops for both mainstream and special needs children that help parents with:

  • movement-based activities and brain breaks to make learning fun 

  • effective teaching and learning strategies for enhancing reading, writing, maths abilities and executive functioning skills

  • behaviour management strategies 

  • understanding developmental areas and the impact of delayed milestones on learning and behaviour

working with TEACHERS

Deepika has extensive experience working with teachers from mainstream and special needs schools on:

  • Observing and mentoring teachers on effective classroom strategies

  • Helping develop literacy and numeracy strategies to help students reach their potential

  • Conducting professional development workshops for teachers on behaviour management and teaching-learning strategies 


working with INTERNS & TraineEs

Deepika is extremely fond of collaborating with trainees and interns:

  • Sharing her vast teaching - learning experience based on the needs of the trainee / intern

  • Exchanging ideas to improve best practices in education

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